Body Blitz


Join us for this 100% ONLINE Body Blitz.

Feeling sluggish and in need of an exercise and nutrition overhaul?

This 21 day programme with provide you wtih a great jump start into the Autumnal months. 

Did you know that the participants last January Body Blitz lost a whopping NINE STONE in total?

Next dates TBC

How much is the 21 day Blitz?

The full price is £49 but we are offering an earlybird discount so if you book and pay before 10th April you will receive the offer price of £39.

How do I access the 21 day Blitz?

Everything will be done via a completely private online Facebook community page and via email.



What does the price include?


  • You will submit your vitutal weigh ins on Day 1 and Day 21.  You can weigh yourself in the comfort of your own home.

  • Daily 10 minute exercise video's will be uploaded to the facebook page which you can participate in, designed to fit into your busy lifestyle

  • Daily Top Nutrition Tips are given which must be implemented to see the best results

  • PDF nutritional informational uploaded

  • You post photos of your meals daily to Facebook for the group to see 

  • Daily recipes uploaded to give you new fresh cooking ideas

  • Access to the support community with other likeminded people who are doing the 21 day body blitz

  • "Products of the Day" we recommend from your local supermarkets

  • Juicing and Nutribullet recipe ideas and video's uploaded

  • Live results day postings and access for life to our maintenance group

Will I see results?

Certainly, this is your programme - you do it your way - we will guide you with the knowledge and all you need to bring to the table is willpower, strength and determination.  We will strive to help you achieve a fitter, healthier more toned body.



What previous clients say.....

"This group has been amazing in giving me a real push to start a journey towards a healthier new me!  The advice and support from both Michelle and Helen and from the other ladies in the group has been great.  Having other people going through the same things and sharing their stories is really inspirational.  Plus, having someone hold me to account definitely helps keep you on track.  Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle not just about losing weight". - Becky

"My main reason for joining the 21 day blitz was to motivate myself to eat clean.  I needed to lose a few pounds after Christmas but losing weight wasn't my main goal.  The tip and information given were great and we had a very interactive group which totally made this work.  We were all there to motivate each other to keep going as we all found some days harder than others.  WE also shared some great recipes and I'll definitely be using them going forward.

The exercise videos were done brilliantly and adaptable for different capabilities. I was inspired to get out and move.  This is now my way of life and I will definitely continue to eat clean as much as possible which is perfect for my whole family.  I'm really chuffed with my weight loss to especially as it wasn't my main goal. I'm feeling brilliant - this has been fab.  Thank you Fabulouslyfit. - Vicki

"Body Blitz was literally the best thing I've ever done, my eating hiatus have changed its made me think what I'm putting into my body and eve though it ended weeks ago, I'm still eating the same way. I've cut down on all pasta and barely eat bread and my portions are normal instead of huge!  I have now lost 1 stone since starting and thats been enjoying naughty things at the weekend.  Thank you girls for giving me the kick up the bum I needed". Michelle

"Thanks, I feel like I'm getting my waist back which is good". Nic

"I've had the most support ever on any eating programme I think that why I've coped to well - the hardest thing now is going it along and that where the maintenance group will be good to have continued support and share experiences and recipes". Vicky

"It was great, thanks so much - I surprised myself how firmly I managed to stick to it!"  Alex

"Thanks for the programme, I have felt better, eaten better and got into a daily movement habit which feels amazing.  The group has been really supportive and the simple act of recording has made a different to my choices.  Much love for the programme!"  Diane