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Holistic Core Restore®

C Section Recovery


Who Is This Programme For?

  • If you had a  C Section whether it was recently or a long time ago and are experiencing any of the following:​​

    • pulling around the scar area​

    • an inability to truly connect with your tummy and pelvic floor muscles

    • a feeling of numbness that has never gone away

    • feeling unable to shift your mummy tummy

    • confused about what exercises are safe

So, How Does It Work?

  • This programme will include

  • 4 appointments, 60 mins each

  • An abdominal/visceral massage to combat possible scar tissue/adhesions associated with the c section procedure and over and around the scar

  • Addressing the basics of posture and alignment improved including soft-tissue work/remedial massage to bring balance to your entire body

  • Specific exercises to return your core strength - a 28 page educational booklet to help you undestand the process and a full exercise kit to keep is also provided

  • We will also focus on healing nutrition - we heal from the inside out.  I have simple but highly effective strategies for helping you get the specific vitamins and minerals required to heal your Core into your diet easily.

So, if you feel you have never truly recovered from your c section and feel a need to "fix" your body and nourish it and be kind to it, please do book in.

The 4 appointment package costs £227.