Holistic Core Restore®





Who Is This Programme For?

This is for all women wanting to find some "quiet" space and time their busy lives.  Find positivity and invest in your emotional wellbeing

  • Do you run from job to job or place to place, constantly busy?

  • Do you find you struggle with anxiety and have trouble sleeping?

  • Would you like to learn strategies to improve your meditation practice?

  • Do you need to find more time to prioritise yourself?

If the answer is YES, then this is the course for you!  It's entirely online via ZOOM so all you need to is access to the internet!

The £120 fee includes:  (Bookings via email to michelle@fabulouslyfit.co.uk)

  • 5 x weekly 40 minute sessions

  • A programme booklet to read through and work from including a daily journal

  • Access to a group whats app page with motivational and emotional support 

  • Help to improve your meditation practice

Your mindset and health should be your number 1 priority.  This is a great time to revitalise, replenish and rediscover yourself.

Previous feedback :

"Thank you for letting me join this course. I was very sceptical about meditation a few months ago and didn't realise how much it would help me"

"I got a lot out of learning the different techniques.....really useful to switch my mind off for sleeping"

"Thank you for introducing me, I will definitely keep practising"

"An absolute MUST for every busy woman"

"I would explain this course as a mandatory course for all women wanting an amazing support network of like minded ladies learning the tools to slow down, relax and to find some peace in a busy world"