Holistic Core Restore®

4th Trimester Check & Recovery Massage 


This is your opportunity to receive expert advice in the very early post natal period.  Your coach will be there to support you as a new mum should you wish to receive help after being signed off by your healthcare professional.  This 1-1 session will include a full body recovery massage and will advise you of appropriate ‘core-reconnection’, safe lifting, breath work and nutrition strategies before your 6-8 week GP clearance and then give you EVERYTHING you need to start you on your safe return to activity with the deepest respect to your incredible recent journey to motherhood.  Safe, progressed, workouts, nutrition and lifestyle programming which will support and guide you back to health.  The session will give you good advice on how to proceed with your exercise regime after your GP check.


The price of this one-off massage and advice, breathing strategy and core connection session is £65. 

Please note you can book these sessions before born and you can have them in the very early post natal period- sometimes when baby is even just a few days old you will feel like you REALLY need a massage!



1-1    4th Trimester session (1.5 hours)