Scar Therapy Massage Treatments

Scar Therapy Massage Treatments

This hands on therapy can be hugely beneficial either in the recovery phase of surgery or long after.  Whether you have a troublesome c section scar, Endometriosis scars, Laparoscopic interventions, Appendix, Hysterectomy, back surgery, shoulder operations, breast reductions, tummy tucks or even breast cancer reconstruction, this can be worked on with spectacular results.

Scars develop and change over time and all women need AFTER CARE way beyond your surgery. Scars can be a part of your pelvic pain, back pain and discomfort after exercise puzzle.  They can also negatively impact sexual function and fertility.  Huge differences to how you feel can be made in a matter of minutes!

Does your scar need some TLC?

£60 x 60 mins

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£90 x 90 mins 

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£180 1 x 90 mins and 2 x 60 mins 

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