A big Marathon THANK YOU.....

First and foremost, I have attempted to individually thank you all but I suspect I may have lost track along the way. The sheer influx of donations over the past few weeks have been overwhelming and wonderful. The generosity you have shown is so heart warming. I have raised over £5000 with gift aid and offline sponsorship too. £5000! That is a HUGE amount of money way beyond my expectations, which will go a long way for Making Miracles. I felt that the more public I made my Marathon journey the less likely I would be to back out.... And it worked, I ran it and I totally smashed my fundraising target - THANK YOU.

I had a huge tearful moment at mile 19 when I ran behind 3 rather large men in t shirts printed "running for theo" and another which said "running for my son, Theo" with a picture of a beautiful baby boy. It was playing on my mind until mile 20 when I politely tapped on Theo's dads shoulder and asked If Theo was ok. He wasn't. He was born prematurely and only lived for 24 hours. A shocking reminder that my story is so different and I could have been running for a whole different reason.

Since my couch to marathon training plan in November I have learnt so much. How to wear the right clothes, how to chose the correct trainers, how eat in prep for long runs, how to deal with the elements but mostly I have learnt that running is therapy. A type of counselling for the soul. When I was out running at 6.30am Sunday's around the most deserted parts of higham Cliffe cooling and high halstow, you learn to appreciate the green fields and the silence. You learn to appreciate every thing you have. That "quiet" time is reflection time.

The biggest thing I have learnt from my Marathon journey is that you can do anything! Since my dad passed away I know only too well that this journey of life has an expiry date, we don't know when but we all have one. If you want to do something, if you have a dream, believe in yourself and grasp it with both hands. Dont wait until tomorrow, it might never come.

On a much lighter note my run was fabulous! My highlights were experiencing "female urinals", far too personal to blog about but let's just say I'm still in shock, being overtaken by a dinosaur, seeing my massive cheer team (thanks guys) at tower bridge and mile 23 and the biggest and best part of the day was the prosecco at the end! I've escaped with no blisters, no chaffing and minimal aches. Thanks to Amy my running buddy who kept me going, and also big love to my family and friends who are always behind me - I promise I have no other lunatic ideas up my sleeve.

My garmin registered 5.44 which is just great - this was never about time this was about following a dream and crossing the finish line.

It was the absolute experience of a lifetime and I loved every minute of yesterday even the painful ones.

Would I do it again..never!

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