Testimonials..... What the clients say.....


"I signed up for the first 6 weeks of tough mumma not knowing what to expect. I ended up signing up for the further 6 classes. Michelle is friendly, motivational and just great. She makes each class varied and she will push you to achieve your best. She really know her stuff but so down to earth, almost like a fiend! I have met some lovely women which is a bonus. I would not be motivated to exercise alone but since starting tough mumma I have changed eating habits, I am so much more toned and have finally lost the last lbs of baby weight. Thank you. Highly recommended!" Giuly Capone


"Love tough mumma, fab group of girlie's, Michelle works you to your best, and getting results" Jane Walker


" I love aquabumps. The group is fun and sociable and all the ladies are welcoming. Michelle is a great teacher and helps explain the importance of fitness and pelvic floor exercise, while making the classes a great enjoyable time. I always feel refreshed and geared up ready for the week after attending aquabumps." Katie Baughan


"hey, ive only been to aqua bumps afew times but i absolutely loved the classes i did go to!! i felt completely relaxed and weightless in the water and bubba really enjoyed it too- lots of friendly people and michelle is so good with us all and calming, and very good at getting us to do our pelvic floor exercises at the end." Charlotte Mackie


"I loved aqua bumps and if I ever had another I would come again. Fun, sociable and relaxing class and I can only assume all those pelvic floor exercises contributed to my really short labour" Sally Tandy


"Aqua bumps has definitely been the best choice I've made during my pregnancy and i wish I'd gone from 14 weeks. I've learnt so much about my body and how to manage labour and make things easier for myself that no midwife has ever told me. I always feel so fresh and energised after a class and everyone is friendly and welcoming! I'd recommend it to everyone!"  Gemma Page


"Aqua bumps is great really enjoyed it, the breathing relaxation at the end sets you up for child birth, just learning how to breath and push contractions away was fantastic, definitely helped me in labour" Sarah Jones


"I really loved Aqua Bumps, i went from about 16 weeks & throughly enjoyed it. It made me feel comfortable & relaxed. Michelle is an excellent trainer who made the classes fun & educational. If i have another baby i would go again without a doubt." Michelle Chivers


"I really enjoyed going to Aqua Bumps in my second pregnancy. Michelle spends a bit of time each lesson focusing on pelvic floors which I found helpful when it came to giving birth, as my baby was born within half an hour of being fully dilated. Would definitely recommend these classes to any pregnant lady"  Gemma Day


"I  went to aqua bumps towards the end of my pregnancy, I loved every single minute of it, such a fun and relaxing atmosphere. My 1st pregnant was horrid took me 3 days to have my son and my 2nd pregnancy took me 14 minutes to deliver once fully dilated, the pelvic floor muscles and excercises helped so much, I would recommend this group to every pregnant lady and would 100% attend if I were to fall again"  Kelly Wyness